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Anonymous said: This is the second time have asked you to remove our house off of your site. We never gave you permission to use our pictures!! Santa Fe Hobbit House Owners

I’m so very sorry! The post has been removed - I’m very sorry I didn’t receive your previous request. I was away from my Tumblr for several months after a death in the family and my surgery, maybe that is why I missed it. Again, my deepest apologies to you for the inconvenience.

Thank you kindly,



  1. welovelofts said: They’re lucky that you paid any attention to them at all. JR
  2. varietistmuse said: I would ask for some proof that Anonymous is indeed the owner of the Santa Fe Hobbit House before caving to their rude request. Besides that, there are images aplenty on the web of “their” house, why are they concerned with your Tumblr?
  3. merripi said: I personally think it’s silly for people who allow others to rent their house, and ostensibly take pictures of it, not to mention put pictures of it up on the internet, to ask for pictures to be removed. I mean unless you took the pictures from their website or something…
  4. kimboosan said: You know what this says to me? That the owners of the santa fe hobbit house are jerks, not to mention don’t understand the concept of “marketing.” Good to know who NOT to do business with, IMHO.
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